Have You Ever Thought Of Bringing Your Koi Pond Indoors?

If this has not crossed your mind, try being a little open-minded about having your Koi pond inside your home. There are so many benefits such as, in winter, you run the risk of losing plants and fish, so you may want to re-think the idea.

It is also a great alternative to the aquarium if you`ve grown tired of keeping one. It will be a beautiful addition to your home and more than likely, be the focal point of the home and a wonderful conversation piece.

There is an inexpensive, simple way to construct your indoor pond this winter by using interlocking, landscaping blocks to make the basic outline. Then place a pre-molded plastic pond liner and other landscaping materials like rocks, plants, dirt, etc., around the pond to fill in the gaps. Some people have used a plastic kid`s pool for the pond but just be sure it is at least 18 inches deep, but the deeper, the better!

The main reason you are bringing the pond indoors is to protect your fish and plant life. You will still need to regulate the pond and keep the water fresh and circulated by using the right equipment.  as per  www.articlecity.com

Be aware of the kinds of plants you have in the pond as Koi will eat some plants and flowers. Above all, remember that Koi produce a ton of waste and bacteria, but if you use a good-quality protein skimmer, it will keep the pond healthy and clean. Make the pond as big as you can, even adding a waterfall, if possible, as the ideal sized pond for Koi is 1,000 gallons and should be 4 or 5 feet deep.

They grow very fast, so only put a few small fish in the pond, depending on the size of the pond. To plant your pond plants, use a clay pot and a heavy clay loam, not potting soil as it will make the water dirty and poison your fish! For more info, you can visit:  www.artificialgardens.com

have you thought of bringing your koi pond indoors Have You Ever Thought Of Bringing Your Koi Pond Indoors?

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