Great Products For Your Koi Pond At; 123ponds.Com

Do you need some products for your Koi pond? If so, you should take a look at :  for lots of products that are ‘must haves’. For pond lighting, they offer the 10 watt Halogen Submersible Light for $29.00 and 1 extra light bulb is $7.00.

They carry Geotextile underliners that go down prior to laying your Pond Liner, a 5 x 5 ft. kit is $7.00 and a 50 x 100 ft. kit is $1,400. This product will not deteriorate in the water and can also be used on top of the liner, when placing rocks and other heavy objects.

For some pond pumps, they have the PondMaster AP-20 Deep Water Air Pump 9150 cu. in/min, for $201.98 and the Little Giant Pond AP- 1 Air Pump, 30 ft. Power Cord, for $38.35.  They also have waterfall pumps such as the PondMaster MDWP30-3000 Mag-Drive Waterfall Pump-3000 GPH, for $190.34.

They have pond spitters like the Laguna Pond, Twin Frogs Spitter, Bronze color, for $52.64, the Laguna Pond Rolling Hippo Spitter Kit, for $42.24 or the Laguna Pond, Fairy Spitter Kit, for $47.44, just to name a few.

They carry pond skimmers such as the Savio Skimmer Filter 6000, includes 6 inch faceplate, for $494.10 or the Aqua UV, 57 Watt Clarifier Retrofit UV Unit for Savio Full Size Skimmer, for $243.00, for a couple of choices. They offer the Aqua Frog 17 inch Tall Water Spitter with 25 Watt Clarifier/Sterilizer Built In, for $247.00.

They also carry test kits such as Tetra Test Kits, PondCare Test Kits, Microbe Lift Test strips, CalPumps Pond Test Meters and Digital Test Pens. They have lots of water treatments like Microbe Lift Bio Blue, Enzymes Pond Colorant, for 8 oz., is $7.50 or Microbe Lift Biological Mosquito Control for 6 oz., is $19.49.  They also have Floating Barrel Fountains, Koi and Fish Food and even Wood Bridges, so check them out at:

250px Goldfish Pearl Scale Great Products For Your Koi Pond At; 123ponds.Com

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