Freaking Weird!

November 2, 2011

I still remember the song I heard one evening on TV, “Zindagi ka safar, hai ye kaisa safar, koi samjha nahi koi jana nahi”. In our daily lives there are probably so many things, I would rather say ‘weird’ things, that happen to us that actually make us think about it so hard until and unless either the lecturer in the class or the boss in the office tells “If you want to sit and dream here please go out for God’s sake”. And we innocent creatures probably stop all our thinking, the mystifying thoughts and imagination. There has been a study which says that an average human being uses only 10% of his actual brain capacity. Now that you know this fact you would have probably also realized the culprits who are responsible for this phenomenon.

Anyways, here I am with a couple of incidents probably whose answers I haven’t still been able to find out. They are quite strange, awkward, all in all they are just weird…yea…freaking weird…!!


I woke with a shudder and felt for my kitty sleeping next to me. As tears of relief flooded my eyes, I woke my mom up. The time was probably 6 in the morning, the place – our home in Kudremukh.

Soon after, I woke my dad and sister and told them about a dream I had. They decided to do something about it as I was so upset. There was a huge drum in the backyard of our house which was brought for some function but it continued to be used by us to store water for washing clothes, utensils, gardening and filling bath water.

I had dreamt that our chubby, naughty, snow white colored, one and half year old cat whom we dearly used to call choti had fallen into the water and was floating and lying still on it. My dad got two long asbestos sheets that covered the drum very well. That done, we all went about our work, happy that things had gotten sorted out so easily. At six that evening, I mixed choti’s milk in a bowl and went looking for her.

When I couldn’t find her in the house, I went to look outside near the gate, and not near the drum which is the place I normally go to first because I knew we had covered it securely in the morning. When I didn’t see her, I did run to the drum after all and screamed…for I could see her face below a portion of the asbestos sheet that had been moved. Yes, she was floating…..!!! Just as in my dream. I just picked her up and I don’t know what made me hold her upside down; but that’s just what I did.

Meanwhile, the other family members came running when they heard my scream. We immediately took her to a doctor nearby and she said that we were lucky she had not had her feed. Her stomach was empty and it had filled with water and I had found her just in time.

Most importantly she was floating in the part left uncovered by the asbestos sheet so I could spot her immediately. The next day the maid told us that she had moved the asbestos sheet just enough to put in a bucket to get water for washing the vessels in the afternoon. She had not put the sheet back in its place nor had any of us thought of telling her why we had covered the drum.

Only thing that one can be said here is that all’s well that ends well.

But can anyone explain how I had the same image in my dream just the previous night? That is, indeed, really really eerie…..isn’t it…?


Despite my earnest attempts, an imminent failure in Mathematics was right around the corner. My first year Pre-University examinations had just finished and I had managed (only managed, nothing else) to convince my parents that I had given it my best shot. They knew I was lying…But to keep things calm at home everyone involved, nodded and went along. Thus began my wait for the day when the truth would bare its roots.

During this waiting period, I found a new hobby-the internet. I would visit the cyber cafe near our home and shell out a generous Rs.20 to surf the web for an hour. That one hour was the only time I would not think about the nightmares that awaited me outside. Instead I spent my time chatting with random people. These few minutes of bliss actually gave me immense pleasure.

On one such evening I found a rather bizarre message in my email inbox. It was from an unknown sender called “FRIEND” and contained a horrifying tale of a girl who had committed suicide due to her examination failures. It went on to describe in gory detail as to how she had planned and executed the death. The story also poignantly re-enacted the sea of sorrow that had swept past the parents. Today when I think of that particular moment the first thought that creeps in my mind is “How the hell on earth did that guy know that message had to be sent only to me…?” Sounds funny right…but that wasn’t the case then. The first thing that happened was that my eyes welled up as I read the message and tried to erase images of myself dangling under a fan.

Despite the obvious helplessness there was one line at the end of the message which instantly lit up my moist soul. It read “Send this message to at least 10 other people now and good luck will be yours in 30 days!!” Probably I was innocent then I guess because if at all such thing would have happened now I would have replied him with only a few selected quality words which of course my dear editors won’t permit me to write here..! But in that moment needless to say I looked in my address book and shot off the message in a few heartbeats. That day I returned back to my haunted world of reality with a big smiling face.

Elsewhere, Raj, one of my classmates opened the same message and deleted it instead. My fate was disclosed a few weeks later as I realized I had not only failed in Mathematics but also in Physics. Instead of killing myself I decided to give one more shot after all. My parents were obviously upset but were glad I was still alive unlike the other news they had read. But one thing that I somehow still blame even after 7 years of that incident is my friend Raj…probably for breaking the chain…!!!


After the strange and weird happenings of my life let’s just finish off on something funny which you all might have definitely experienced but which is still strange.

A girl loves a boy, (No one knows except that girl).

Now a boy loves a girl, (Everyone in the whole damn world knows except the girl).


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