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If you are putting in your Koi pond for the first time, there are many places to find products to the extent that it could cause the task to be a huge hassle! Because Koi ponds and other backyard fish ponds are extremely popular, there is a great need for these pond supply stores.  as per

One of these stores is; and they specialize in lake and pond treatments for algae and removal of Blanket Weed as it improves the water quality for the fishes! You can dye your pond with Hydra Blue Water Dye, an eight ounce powder for $24.99 for small bodies of water that gets a lot of sunlight as it can cause algae growth. It also helps protect your fish from predators.

This company has spent nearly 30 years developing their Hydra Crystal Formula for removing algae, which is green water, from the pond. The 28 ounce tub is $29.95.

It is 100% biodegradable, is easy and simple to use, clears the green algae in the water fast and therefore there are quick results, will not harm aquatic life, animals or humans as well as concrete, pond liners, pumps and biological filters.You can also get it in the amounts of 8 pounds for $69.95, 40 pounds for $239.95 or a 4 x 40 pound carton for $799.80.

For some healthy bacteria, they offer Bio  Aquatic Bacteria Boost, 11 pounds for $164.95. This product is essential for a clear, healthy pond as it boosts the ponds natural nitrifying bacteria. It is also completely safe for fish, animals and humans. It reduces ammonia levels, which can kill your fish and it works in salt water or pond water.

They have Hydra Enhance, 32 ounce, which is Montmorillonite Clay that deepens and enriches the color of the Koi and Goldfish, for $18.95. It also improves the growth and health of the plants and fish. It detoxifies fish and the water. It strengthens the Koi`s immune system. For more info, you can visit:

for the health of your koi fish and pond hydra  For The Health Of Your Koi Fish  Pond; Hydra Aqua.Us

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