For Some Organic Pond Cleaners For Your Koi Pond & Aquarium; Effens.Com

If you are looking for some organic products for your Koi pond, you should check out:  Called Effective Environmental Services, they offer ” innovative, effective, organic treatment for environmental concerns.”

They offer Pond Magician(R), for 1 quart, it`s $34.95, for 1 gallon, it`s $64.95 and for 2.5 gallons, it`s $129.95. It cleans ponds, lakes, fresh salt water aquariums and because it contains probiotics, it is very beneficial to your fishes and plants. It not only cleans the pond, but controls algae and enhances the whole environment of the pond. It`s very easy to use, just pour straight from the bottle, around the pond in a few places.

They offer Magic Sinkers(TM), for individual sinkers (1-40)it`s $6.00 or a 5 Gallon Bucket ( approx. 40 to 50) is $175.00. They clean up the bottom sludge and slime in ponds and are made of dried mud, microbial inoculants, fermented inoculated wheat bran, blackstrap molasses and inoculated ceramic powder.

It is formed into a tennis ball sized ball and dried. One sinker will clean a 10 foot square area. If your pond has a large layer of sludge, you may need to repeat this process several times, for complete effectiveness.

For your newly built  Koi pond, try Pond Super Starter(TM), for 1 quart, it`s $39.95, 1 gallon is $89.95 and 2.5 gallons is $174.95. It is “a high potency version of Pond Magician meant to jump start the beneficial microbes in your pond.” It provides the pond with the good bacteria it needs to kill the bad bacteria, toxins and pollution, plus because it`s organic, it is absolutely safe for your fishes, turtles, plants, other animals and humans. If ingested, there are no harmful side-effects.

They also offer Aquarium Magician (TM) for 8 oz., it`s $11.99, for 16 oz., it`s $19.95 and for 1 quart, it`s $34.95. On their site they state “The dosage is 1 teaspoon for every 10 gallons of water every week. You can also seed a new aquarium with Aquarium Magician before introducing fish and plants.

Just pour Aquarium Magician directly into the tank. You can also put some directly into the filter either through the top or the filter or pour it near the filter inlet. Sit back! Relax! Enjoy your aquarium! See your fish in crystal clear water!” If you need some organic products for your Koi pond or aquarium, check them out at:

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