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If you are looking for some beautiful Koi to add to your pond, you can find them at:  They offer the 6-inch Decorative Butterfly Koi Assorted Mix, 8 count, for $159.95, with free shipping. Their 6-inch Premium Butterfly Koi Assorted Mix, 8 count, is $289.95 and their 12-inch Select Quality Butterfly Koi Assorted Mix, 2 count, is $399.95. Their 6-inch Decorative Standard Koi Assorted Mix, 8 count, is $169.95 and their 6-inch Premium Standard Koi Assorted Mix, 8 count, is $269.95, just to name a few.

You should also consider their Albino Channel Catfish. They can also be very friendly and come up to eat with your Koi. They make great companions for your Koi and will often school with them. Their 6-inch Albino Channel Catfish, 1 count is $19.95 and a 3 count is $49.95.

They have some great aquatic plants, like the White Snowflakes, 4 count, for $26.00. This is a floating plant. Another floating plant is the Water Poppy, 4 count, for $20.00 as well as the Floating Heart, 4 count, for $30.20, for a few choices. They also have many Water Lilies, like the Andreana Water Lily, medium, for $24.95.

For some pond equipment, they offer the Tetra Pond Hex Shaft Pond Net, for $34.45  or the EasyPro Telescoping Pond Net, for $34.49. For your Koi`s health care, they offer Aqua MedZyme Liquid, 16 oz., for $22.95 up to 2 gallons, for $244.95. They have Koi Rx De-Tox Plus, 32 oz., for $16.95, Aqua Meds Terminate, 1 quart, for $16.95 or 4 gallons, for $164.95 and Ulcer Aid Rx, 50 grams, for $34.94.

They also offer Microbe-Lift HC, 1 gallon, for $85.00, Microbe-Lift Autumn Prep, 1 quart, for $19.95 or 1 gallon, for $74.95 and this product is specially formulated for pond winterization.

For fluke medication, they offer Supaverm, 40 ml., for $35.00, but this product will KILL GOLDFISH, so this product can not be used with any other fish than Koi. They also carry books on Koi, such as Advanced Koi Care, for $59.95, Koi Health Disease, for $39.95 or Koi Volume 1, Gosanke, for $99.00, just to name a few, so give them a look-see at:

220px Koi4 For Some Excellent Koi Pond Products; Iekoi.Com

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