For Some Excellent Koi Pond Products; Champkoi.Com

This is a great place for all of your Koi pond needs. They have Koi for sale, such as the 7 inch Kohaku, for $150.00, a 15 inch Doitsu Kohaku, for $450.00 or an 18 inch Kohaku, for $1,600.00. They have the 8 inch Sanke, sale priced at $125.00 or a 13 inch Sanke, for $250.00 and they offer the 8 inch Ginrin Showa, for $150.00 or the 7 inch Showa, also for $150.00, just to name a few.

They also have books on Koi Keeping and Pond Building, such as Guide To Koi, for $17.98, Koi Health Disease, for $39.95 or The Pond Doctor, for $14.95, to name a few. They offer Koi Food like AquaMaster Wheat Germ, 1 kg., for $12.28, Hikari Saki Multi Season Diet, Medium, 2 kg., for $67.99 or Hikari Wheat Germ, Medium, 2 kg., for $31.95, just to name a few.

They also offer AquaMaster Color Growth, 1 kg., Large, for $12.28 or AquaMaster Color Enhancer, 1 kg., Large, for $18.82. For some medications, they have Aqua MedZyme Dry Concentrate, 1 lb., for $39.99, Aquarium Solutions Bio-Bandage Gel, which is the world`s first stay-in-place medicated Neomycin-Based Topical Treatment for Fish, for $17.50 or Bifuran Powder, 100 grams, for $16.50.

They have Debride Medicated Koi Food, 2 lbs., for $36.75 and this product is a triple antibiotic medicated food that your fish will actually eat.  They offer Debride ProHealth 32 fl. oz., for $14.95 and this product calms fish, eases stress, reduces losses, minimizes infection and aids healing, therefore helping to protect fishes during illness, transportation and handling.

For pumps, they offer the Alita 40L Air Pump, for $200.00, a 60L is $252.00 an 80L is $320.00 and a 120L is $543.50. The Alita Diaphragm Replacement Kit is $65.00 and Airline Tuning is $0.15 per foot. They carry the Muck-Vac Cleaning System, for $84.99 or the OASE Pond-O-Vac 4, for $449.98. They even offer a few tips on how to hand feed your Koi as well as tons of other products, so check them out at:

250px Goldfish in a pond at Georgetown1 For Some Excellent Koi Pond Products; Champkoi.Com

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