Expert Tips To Help Keep Your Koi As Healthy As Can Be!

The best way to have and keep a healthy Koi is to purchase one from a top quality, local, reputable breeder. This will ensure the fish doesn`t get stressed by transport. These fish are very carefully bred for quality and therefore grown on the best food possible.

If you don`t have a local breeder as many are bought from national-level breeders and do not have confirmed breeding standards. You can still have a great, healthy Koi even if you have bought one from one of these breeders by being extra careful to quarantine and feed high-quality food.

Quarantining is absolutely vital for Koi health! When buying new fish, no matter where from, you will always need to quarantine the new Koi for at least 4 weeks, before putting with your other fishes. If you don`t do this step properly, you take the risk of introducing foreign viruses and bacteria into your stock. Some fish illnesses, like bacterial infections, worms and flukes, can kill all your fishes in one week after introduction.  as per

To properly quarantine is to have no mixed food, water or contact between your new stack and your other fishes. You need to watch out for signs of stress in your new, quarantined Koi. Signs of this include; discoloration on the eyes/scales, torn fins; lethargy and lack of appetite. If your fish has torn fins or external lesions, you need to treat the Koi with antibiotics, added to their fish food.

If the fish is not eating, it could have an internal parasite and a very safe, effective treatment for this is Praziquantel or PraziPro, or you can also try Metronidazole and they also kill worms and gill flukes. It is NOT recommended to use Potassium Permanganate unless you`ve tried everything else to no avail, because it will burn their internal tissues. For more info, you can visit:

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