Eminem Brisbane Show Delayed By Fish Law?

Posted by John Ritchie on 27th October, 2011

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Eminem Brisbane fans have been going crazy while waiting for the official announcement of a planned show at Suncorp Stadium on December 5th. An official announcement was expected weeks ago, but delays on the rappers end have pushed it back.

The Brisbane times posted event details 16 days ago, which was confirmed on Tuesday by promoter Paul Dainty via Facebook :

We’re still working on the show details, and we can’t announce until the deal is 100%. We want to make sure everyone can get tickets.

Ticketing company, Showbiz International has been set to announce tickets while the venue, Suncorp Stadium, has notified employees to be available for that date.

So what’s the hold up?

Firstly, there’s a dubious rumour circulating that a Queensland law against Koi Carp are delaying the announcement. In August Eminem requested koi carp on his rider prior to his appearance at Tennent’s Vital Festival in Northern Ireland. The rapper asked for a wooden pond to be built and filled with the fish. Now the The Courier Mail has bought to our attention that all though in some places Koi Carp are considered high end aquatic creatures and can cost anything from £200-600 each, in Queensland they are a noxious pest and can attract fines of up to $200,000.

Secondly, Paul Dainty told News.com.au when the tour was announced that Eminem was keen to play as few shows as possible saying:

I’m sure everybody made an offer because, let’s face it, he’s one of the biggest superstars a promoter could land. He’s iconic,. We offered Eminem two shows knowing he doesn’t want to tour. We could have done a show in every city, and New Zealand, but that’s not what he’s about. He comes in, does a show here, does a show there, and that’s it.

So luring him into booking the 3rd Brisbane show was always going to be hard, especially considering he will have to stay in Australia for an extra 3 days as a result. And if the Queensland Government aren’t willing to make an exception to the local fisheries law then maybe he will be happy to fly back home to be with his fish on the Saturday.

If the Koi Carp are the problem let’s hope Dainty can sort out another exotic fish for Em Dog ASAP so we can get him to Brisbane and keep the fans happy.

An official announcement regarding the Brisbane show is expected shortly and at this point we still expect it will go ahead.

Article source: http://musicfeeds.com.au/news/eminem-brisbane-show-delayed-by-fish-law/

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