Do You Want To Breed Your Koi Fish? How To Care For Your Baby Koi, Part 2!

Once your baby Koi have  hatched, you will not need to feed them for the first 2 days. After that, you can feed them at short, regular intervals. You will need to feed your baby Koi a packaged fry food and liquids that are rich in proteins, for around 4 weeks. You must keep the spawning tank extremely clean these first few weeks to keep any and all floating debris from getting caught in your baby Koi`s gills.

Once your baby Koi has reached at least 3 inches in length, you can introduce them into the pond, but during this time, be sure to feed the babies a food that is small enough for them to eat, or they may starve!

These are very strong, sturdy fish, thanks to their ancestors, the carp and have become a very popular fish because they are a joy to watch and interact with, as well as being very beautiful. In Japan, these fish thrive in mud ponds in the fertile valleys, because of the rich mineral content in the mud. These minerals give an overall health to the Koi, plus it enhances their color!

You should feed your Koi foods that have Bentonite Clay, as it contains over 60 minerals that will help keep your Koi healthy and help your  little baby Koi grow up in the best of health!  as per

You can also add Bentonite Clay directly to the pond water and it will help stabilize the pH level of the water. When the water temperature reaches 75 degrees F., their metabolism is at it`s peak, so you will need to feed them a high protein diet at this time. During this period, you should feed your Koi at least 2 or 3 times a day.

It is also recommended NOT to settle for cheap quality Koi foods, just to save a few bucks, as a healthier, higher quality food means your Koi will have fewer outbreaks of any sicknesses. Purchasing your Koi can be very costly, so you wouldn`t want to stand the chance of losing your precious, pricy fish just because you wanted to save money by feeding them an inferior food! For more info, you can visit:

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