Do You Want To Breed Your Koi Fish? Here`s Some Info To Help Ensure Successful …

If you would like to attempt to breed your Koi fish, here`s a great guide to help you be successful! First, you must find the ideal parents as in looking for the color patterns you want to breed. You should use quality bloodlines to produce better Koi fry.

You should consider the age of the Koi as it can affect the quality of the egg shells. Young Koi usually produce thin-shelled eggs, which affects the survival of the egg, significantly. It is also true that a female that is too old will have eggs that are too hard which makes it too difficult for the male Koi`s sperm to penetrate, therefore the ideal age is between 4 and 5 years old. There has been success with Koi as old as 15 years.

The breeding pair must be kept in separate places for at least  1 month. You should feed them for the spawning condition during this time. Although breeding is carried out with pairs of fish, you can have two males and one female for successful breeding, but it is not advised to use more than two males as it could result in the female getting hurt.

The best time for breeding Koi is normally during a full moon as this aids in the spawning process. You should provide the ideal environment for the spawning process. You should decorate the tank where you want them to mate and the synthetic materials are highly encouraged, though many expert breeders prefer to use the natural one believing it produces good results.  as per

A great natural material is the Water Hyacinth because it provides suitable spawning areas. Be aware that these plants can carry parasites, so you will need a water treatment like Dipterex, to kill parasites, before setting up to breed your Koi.

If breeding your Koi outdoors, using Water Hyacinths, put a net/screen over the top of the tank as these plants attract dragon flies. Though they won`t hurt the Koi, they can leave larvae in the water that will prey on the Koi eggs.

A net will also protect the Koi fry because they have a tendency to jump out of the water. The pH level can affect the Koi as Acidic water can give a good, red color, but a weak black color, Alkaline water will produce the opposite effect.

100px PairYinangYangKoiCarpsRodsan18a5 Do You Want To Breed Your Koi Fish? Here`s Some Info To Help Ensure Successful Breeding!

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