Do You Really Need To Add Pond Salt To Your Koi Pond? It`s Vital, Part 2!

When Osmotic Shock occurs in your Koi, it interrupts healthy gill function by decreasing the intake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide and ammonium from the fish. You should add Pond Salt to reduce the risk of Osmotic Shock by supplying natural electrolytes through the chloride cells in the gills. It will greatly improve gill function, to reduce stress.

There can also be an elevation of nitrite levels, from overfeeding and overcrowding, especially in new ponds. As the nitrite ion NO2 enters the gills and prevents the blood from carrying oxygen, it results in nitrite toxicity or what is called ‘Methemoglobinemia’. By using Pond Salt, it will temporarily block the toxic effect of nitrite.

Pond Salt is all-natural, safe and non-toxic to all pond fish, if used as directed. You can use it safely with Pond Care water conditioners, fish foods and filtration materials. If you`re using Pond Salt as a general tonic for your fish or as a stress reducer, add 2 1/2 cups full (728 g.) for each 100 gallons ( 378L) of pond water. Sprinkle salt evenly around the perimeter of the pond. You will need to avoid any contact between salt crystals and pond plants. If you are not able to do this, pre-dissolve the salt first. as per

It is extremely important to understand that once you put salt in the pond, it stays there! It is NOT evaporated nor does it get filtered out, so it is very crucial to add it as directed, with EACH water change OR when the fish have been treated with medications. After you have added the salt to the pond, wait 1 hour, then test water with a Salt Level Test Kit.

The salt level should be 0.2%. There are certain pond plants that are sensitive to salt, so you may need to keep the level at 0.1%. Make 10 to 20% water changes to decrease salt content.

To treat external parasites, Tricodina, Ichthyobodo or Epistylis, dissolve 2 1/2 cups (370 g.), for every 10 U.S. gallons( 40L) of water. Don`t use tap water for this solution! Put fish carefully in salt bath (2.0%) for 5 to 10 minutes, but NO longer!

Don`t forget to cover the bath or your Koi will jump out! After 10 minutes, add fish back to the pond. You may treat him again in 24 hours. You can find Pond Salt at:  and 1/2 gallon is $6.99, 1 gallon is $12.99 and 50 lb bulk is $35.99. They have lots of other pond supplies, so check them out!

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