Do You Need Some Koi Pond Supplies? Underwaterwarehouse.Com!

If you want or need some Koi pond products, you can find everything you need at:  For some planting media they offer PondCare Aquatic Planting Media, for 10 lbs., it`s $14.98 and is a clean, dry and easy to use planting media that is specially formulated and recommended for all potted aquatic plants like Water Lilies, Lotus, Iris and Bog Plants.

It will not float or cloud the water when plants are moved, fertilized or disturbed by the Koi Fish. It will not change the pH or clog pumps and filters. Remember, potted plants will need to be divided and repotted every one to two years to keep them vigorous and blooming. They have PondCare Plant Nutrient Spray, 32 oz., for $11.99 and it provides all the essential nutrients  to nourish the plants for strong, healthy growth and is safe for the Koi Fish.

For some fountains they offer the EasyPro Floating Fountain with LED Lights, the EPG10001 is $149.99, the EPFHG is $244.99 and the EPFH13 is $284.99. It has two spray nozzles and 48 LED Lights you can select the color or set to automatic, which changes slowly between colors.

For Bottom drains, they offer the Koi Toilet (TM) II, a 3 inch drain with screen cover is $67.50, and  a 4-inch drain with screen or dome cover is $72.50. It is made of heavy duty injected molded ABS and has a thick flange and liner ring for better liner grip. The flare design enables a smooth flow and it is great for liner and concrete installation.

For some filtration systems, they have the Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II 100 Filter, with 1.5 inch Ports is $449.40 and with 2 inch Ports, it`s $589.99 and is made for ponds up to 1,000 gallons. The high flow rate will circulate the pond once every hour and the pump recommended is an Optimum flow 1,000 GPH at 10? of head with direct drive, self priming pumps.

They have artificial waterfalls like the Alta Rock Waterfall, for $279.99 and comes in Slate Grey, Sandstone, Lite Granite and Sunset Red. The recommended pump size is 350 to 500 GPH. It measures 36 inches wide x 15 inches high x 27 inches wide.

They have tons of other pond and Koi products like Koi food, feeders, cleaning equipment, fish health and pond kits and components, so give them a look-see at:

250px Longfin2 Do You Need Some Koi Pond Supplies? Underwaterwarehouse.Com!

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