Do You Have A Koi Pond? Getting Rid Of Blanket Weed!

If you have a Koi pond, you probably know what Blanket Weed is, which is a carpet type plant that turns the water green. Blanket Weed Algae will get on the pond pump, lining and/or tube and could even be in the running water. You may not be able to get rid of it completely because it grows extremely fast.

This algae are kinds of microscopic plants that branch out into small parts and colonize in new areas. The algae must have a consistent environment to thrive and can`t handle changes in environment, which is why they are more common in Koi ponds.

If your pond is loaded with phosphates and nitrogen,plus gets tons of sunlight, it will encourage Blanket Weed to grow. You will see this plant more in the summer as the heat and sunlight help these plants to thrive and extreme heat and sunlight will make these plants grow even faster so try to make some shade for your pond, that way the sun will not penetrate into the water directly.

You can do this by planting such plants as Hyacinths, Lotus and Water Lily in the pond to give the water some cover. Water Lillies not only shade the pond very well, but also reduce excess nitrates in the water, not to mention that they beautify the pond.  as per

The good thing is that these plants are not very expensive. You can try adding vegetable dye to the water to ‘shade’ it from the sunlight as the rays won`t be able to penetrate the water. This artificial shade is a cost-effective way to treat this problem. This treatment provides long-term, very effective results.

You can also try a bacterial treatment or Barley Straw but these methods take a lot of time to work. You can find Blanket Weed Remover at:  and their Hydra Quartz, 32 oz., is $29.95 up to a 4 x 55 pound carton for $799.80.

do you have a koi pond getting rid of blanket weed Do You Have A Koi Pond? Getting Rid Of Blanket Weed!

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