Cambridgeshire Koi club annual show is huge success

Cambs Club Koi Show at Three Holes

Story by: WILL PIPER

Thursday, July 21, 2011
3:14 PM

CAMBRIDGESHIRE Koi Club held its annual show in a Fenland village to help promote interest in the hobby.

The club, which won the awards in Koi Magazine for ‘Best Koi Club’ and ‘Best Koi show’ in 2010, displayed 24 vats and more than 140 fish at its show in Three Holes.

The show was held over two days and was open to the public. It gave an opportunity for Koi enthusiasts to show their fish as well as trade and discuss with others.

Entertainment was provided throughout the weekend with trade stands, food stands, arts and crafts, garden ornaments, raffles and tombolas.

For children there was a birds of prey display and a reptile display as well as various other attractions for the family.

George Winn, press relations officer at the club, said: “The show went really well. More than 1,200 people turned up across the weekend and, despite the five hours of constant rain, everyone had a good time.

“We had people coming from all over the country. One couple came up from Cornwall, another from Yorkshire and the great thing is that a lot of people have already spoken about returning next year.

“We invested a lot of time, effort and money into this club and we’re really pleased that so many people came and enjoyed their weekend. It makes it all worthwhile.”

On the Saturday night the club hosted a meal for guests. There was also a raffle, with the grand prize a new Roto concept gravity shower worth £1,095.

The club is the only recognised British Koi keepers society club in the region. If anyone is interested in joining visit

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