Better UPSR results

Best achievement since 2008

PUTRAJAYA: The Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) candidates’ overall achievement is the best in four years since 2008, although the number of straight As scorers dipped slightly.

 Education director-general Datuk Seri Abd Ghafar Mahmud said their performance saw an improvement with 2.30 in the national average grade compared to 2.31 last year.

 ”The overall achievement of the candidates  improved and is the best in four years, in accordance with the National Average Grade. The rural areas showed an improvement and the gap between rural and urban candidates narrowed by 0.01 per cent,” he said  at the ministry yesterday.

  The Subject Average Grade is an index used to indicate the performance in subjects, with the smaller value reflecting better performance. However,  only 9.48 per cent of students scored straight As   compared to 10.02 per cent of straight As scorers last year.

  A total of 497,691 students sat the examination this year held from Sept 13-15.

  Ghafar said candidates who scored the minimum Grade C  rose by 1.07 per cent from last year and Grade D or E or a combination of both dropped to 2.88 per cent from 3.39 per cent last year.

  He said more pupils in national schools scored As in Bahasa Melayu comprehension (Pemahaman Bahasa Melayu) but there was a drop in A scorers in English in both national and national-type schools.

  “The average subject grade in English for national schools is stable and remained the same as last year, at 2.74 per cent, but there was a drop of 0.5 per cent of those who scored A.

“As for national-type schools, the average subject grade for this year is 2.74 per cent, whereas it was 2.69 last year, which saw a drop of 0.05 per cent and the percentage of those who scored A also dropped from 25 per cent to 23.8 per cent.”  

He said the average subject grade for Mathematics improved from 2.27 per cent  last year to 2.26 per cent  but there was a drop in Science.

  Of the 1,329 special children who sat the examination, 17 scored all As and 218 scored the minimum Grade C.

  On the results of the Aptitude Test (taken during the UPSR examination), Ghafar said parents can obtain the results from the schools as it would not be stated in the slip.

“The results from the Aptitude Test would  give parents an idea about their child’s ability and mental readiness prior to entering secondary school, aside from learning about their (pupils) preferences.”  

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the Education Ministry would study the top schools and classes which excelled in UPSR , and  “borrow” their good practices to be implemented at the under-performing schools.

“We want to find out what these schools and classes have in place to spur their pupils to excel, and adopt it,” he said during a visit at SK Sentul (1) here which had 41 students with straight As compared with 23 last year.

  On the fate of the school in Keramat here which deducted half of the RM100 school aid  for the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), Muhyiddin said they had advised the school to refund the money.

In Terengganu,  the state again topped the nation’s highest percentage of straight As scorers for the 11th year.

State Education director Razali Daud said 3,548 out of 23,250 candidates obtained  straight As.

“Our students had done well this year, especially the rural schools in Besut, Hulu Terengganu and Setiu districts. We are amazed with the success in Besut, as 23.9 per cent of its candidates scored straight As, a much higher percentage than other areas in the country, including Putrajaya,” he said.

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