Best be prepared, Toning it down, Touchy phone snub


Better safe than sorry Teen actor Jirayu “Kao” La-Ongmanee knows that where sex is concerned, it’s best to be prepared.

‘Kree’ Phaswipitch and Lakana ‘Oom’ Wattanawongsiri.

Most teens would find it hard to turn down the opportunity to jump in the sack if it presented itself, he told reporters last week. However, he denies he has gone as far as carrying around condoms wherever he goes, as one media report suggested.

Kao and his mother Koi went before reporters to explain remarks Koi made in which she appeared to be encouraging her son to have sex.

A newspaper quoted her as urging her son to carry a condom at all times, just to be safe. Critics said Kao, only recently turned 15, was not legally of age to have sex, and she was setting a poor example.

While Koi often accompanies her son, she knows she can’t be around all the time. Young people are curious, she said, and these days enjoy more freedom and opportunity to express themselves than ever before.

“How many young men these days marry the first girl they meet? And how many girls marry the first man they meet?” she asked reporters, by way of illustrating how much society has changed.

“If you ask whether I encourage my nieces and nephews to save themselves for marriage, then of course I do. If you ask whether I encourage my son to save himself, of course I do.

“But I also know that society has changed, and that once my son has grown up I will have to free him to have his own adventures. I can’t follow him around all the time. The best I can do is urge him to protect himself.

“He is not carrying a condom today; my remarks were misinterpreted. I didn’t say that at his age, he should carry a condom with him 24 hours a day.

“I said that when the time comes for him to party with friends and enter society, he should carry one with him just in case.

“Men who fail to take responsibility make their girlfriends pregnant. The outcome is often a visit to the emergency shelter,” she said.

Jirayu ‘Kao’ La-Ongmanee and his mother.

Young people are curious, and as a parent she wants to open opportunities for her son to explore. “In that case, it’s better to be protect yourself than make a mistake,” she added.

Kao said if the opportunity presented itself, he would find it hard to say no, teenage hormones being as lively as they are.

“It’s not wrong if you have a go … but if we protect ourselves first, we can quit without any problems,” he said.

“Pregnancy is not the only possible outcome … sexual disease is another risk,” he said.

“The future is mine, and I want to take responsibility. If all men were responsible, why would we need emergency shelters? I would like to urge women to be careful too,” he said.

The downside of sexy fame Sexy actress Lakana “Oom” Wattanawongsiri is discovering the downside of flaunting her body for a living.

Oom (Brown Sugar 2) says she was visiting Paragon department store last week when she found a notice, left by an admirer, stuck to her car.

“I like you. I have parked my car opposite yours. If you don’t mind, could you add my BlackBerry phone pin number? I will come to you,” said the message.

Oom said she sent the message to her boyfriend, presenter Rathanan “Ter” Janyajirawong, who laughed off the episode.

“He thought it was funny, but when I went to a movie and turned off my phone for two hours, he was beside himself. “He made 20 missed calls to my phone, as he thought I’d disappeared,” she told reporters last week.

Oom said she is scaling down her sexy image after a few too many brushes with the seamier side of the industry has left her feeling down. She has posed for two revealing fashion shoots lately, but will now put the sexy shoots on hold for the rest of the year.

Arisara ‘Dew’ Thongborisut.

“I want to reduce my sexy image. I don’t dress like this normally. I only appear half-naked because of work,” she said.

Earlier this month Oom revealed that, uninvited by her, a model she knows in the industry arranged for a politician admirer to meet her at a hotel, have sex and pay her for the privilege. The politician, whose name she will not reveal, was prepared to pay her 500,000 baht for one night between the sheets.

In early comments, Oom refused to identify the procurer’s name, or sex. However, the media is slowly teasing out the details. It now emerges the procurer was a woman who, like Oom, has worked as a model. Her first name starts with the Thai character kor kai, according to news reports.

Oom last week denied she was drip-feeding details of the procurer’s identity. She did not want to take the matter any further, as her own reputation would end up sullied.

Saucy actress “Kree” Phaswipitch, meanwhile, has emerged to say that she knows the procurer concerned, and has worked with her.

“She’s a model, but hardly well known. If I told you her name, you wouldn’t know her,” she told reporters. “Both Oom and I have worked with her.

“Oom called me when this saga hit the news, and asked if the model had ever tried to hitch me up with anyone. She hasn’t, but I won’t reveal her name either, as I am afraid of being sued,” she said.

“All fields of work have their dark side, not just the entertainment industry. It comes down to the individual and how she conducts herself,” she said.

It’s a family affair Singer and actress Arisara “Dew” Thongborisut knows when her text message apologies are not wanted.

Dew recently sent an SMS message to the mother of her boyfriend, Pichaya “Golf” Nithipaisarnkul, with whom she has had a messy falling out, apologising for their past problems and holding out hope they could start again.

Golf’s mother Prasai, however, who has little time for Dew, refused to open the text message, and promptly deleted it unread.

It’s not that Mrs Prasai is too old to know how to use mobile telephones. She deleted it, she told one news outlet, because she thought Dew was cheeky to send it.

If Dew wanted to apologise to an elder, she should make a personal visit, she sniffed _ not send a quicky text message as if she didn’t really mean it.

Asked by reporters last week how she felt about Mrs Prasai’s snub, Dew said the incident left her unmoved.

“I’ll have to move more slowly,” she said. “I made my decision, and don’t regret it. If I have the opportunity to meet Golf’s mother in person, I shall take it.

“But I haven’t asked Golf to take me _ in fact, we haven’t even discussed the fate of my text message, because he is busy with work,” she said crisply.

Golf and his mother were reunited recently after a stormy patch in which Golf left home for six months, partly because he and his mother failed to see eye to eye over girlfriend Dew.

“Golf and his mother have only just come back together. I’d rather they spend time in their company first,” said Dew.


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