Attention amphibiphiles!

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Attention amphibiphiles!


Are you into frogs? That’s weird. But don’t worry—you’re certainly not alone. Tim Cotterill, a sculptor famous for his bronze renderings of frogs, koi, birds, and geckos, must be positively crazy about frogs.

GET HIM WHILE HE’S HOT! Hot Shot, pictured, is one of artist Tim Cotterill’s original frog designs, exclusively made for Cambria’s Artifacts Gallery. Proceeds from this golden beauty benefit Hospice of SLO County. PHOTO BY CELESTE GOYER

The artist, who calls himself the Frogman, leapt across the pond from England in the late ’80s. Today, Cotterill has artwork in more than 120 galleries around the globe, and his creations are treasured by lovers of art and amphibians alike. According to Celeste Goyer, the gallery’s creative director, collectors of Cotterill’s work travel hundreds of miles to get their frog fix. One of them even relegated an entire room of his house to his Frogman collection. The guy allegedly has almost one of every design created. That’s dedication.

Cotterill’s frogs, large and small, are first sculpted in auto body putty over a wire armature. Through the lost-wax process, the artist then makes a mold from this original, from which he forges his bronze creations.

For 16 years, Cambria’s Artifacts Gallery has represented Cotterill, and regularly ships his work to frog oglers on every continent. And when the artist—who lives in Venice Beach—pays a visit, he comes with an exclusive limited-edition design. Visitors to this year’s show will have the chance to purchase Red Hot, a special edition frog in a deep red, of which there are just 25. Other such show frogs include Calypso, a yellow cutie who dangles from a bough of purple blossoms; and Hot Shot (pictured) in a beautiful orange and gold. A portion of proceeds from Hot Shot also benefit Hospice of San Luis Obispo County.

This Memorial Day weekend, catch the Frogman in one of his razzle dazzle suits in Cambria at the Artifacts Gallery’s annual Tim Cotterill show. It all takes place on May 28 from noon to 4 p.m. and is free and open to the public. The Artifacts Gallery is at 775 Main St. in Cambria. Call 927-4465 or go to for more details.

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