Atomic Koi cocktails in red, white and blue

Patriotic colors enliven our glasses this Fourth of July with
three cocktails (and a bonus shot) made at Atomic Koi, 1685
Research Park Drive in Fitchburg.

When asked for a range of red, white and blue drinks to get us
in the mood for the national anthem, bartender Christy Dukelow
presented three cocktails that are simple enough to mix at home or
request at most well-stocked local bars.

The Russian Kiddie Cocktail ($5.50) tastes and looks almost
exactly like a Shirley Temple, but with a hidden kick. The Deep
Pacific ($7.50), a big, blue punch bowl of a drink, is sweet and
tropical — it originated at the Jade Monkey on the east side of
Madison, which shares owners with Atomic Koi.

The Fist of Carlos ($8.50) is a one-two punch of Patron, an
extremely strong drink with a slight citrus flavor. According to
Dukelow, it was created by a regular customer at the Jade

Finally, Dukelow threw in her own creation — a shot that looked
like a Blue Bunny Bomb Pop purchased from a roving ice cream truck.
It’s a very sweet, strong Fourth of July treat for the grown-ups at
the party.


RED: Russian Kiddie Cocktail

4 oz. Stoli vodka

Splash of lime

Splash of grenadine


Fill a 16-oz. (high-ball) glass with ice. Pour vodka over ice;
add lime and grenadine. Top with Sprite.


BLUE: Deep Pacific

1 1/2 oz. Absolut vodka

1 1/2 oz. Bacardi rum

1 oz. Blue Curacao

1 oz. Chambord (raspberry liqueur)


Fill 20-oz. (or larger) glass with ice. Shake together first
four ingredients; pour over ice. Top with Sprite and serve with an
orange peel.


WHITE: Fist of Carlos

3 oz. Patron silver (blanco tequila)

1 oz. Patron citronage (citrus tequila)

3 lime wedges, juiced

1 tsp. sugar

Salt the rim of a 12-oz. (rocks) glass. Shake together tequilas
and lime juice with a packet of sugar. Serve over ice.



Pour a quarter shot of Smirnoff Ice into a shot glass. Carefully
pour a teaspoon or so of grenadine over the back of a spoon into
the side of the glass. On top, float some UV Vodka Blue (raspberry

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