AKB48 Female Idol Group Gets 2nd PSP Dating Game

Bandai Namco Games announced on Monday that it will release AKB 1/48 Idol to Guam de Koi Shitara… (AKB 1/48 If I Were to Love an Idol in Guam…), the second “ultimate dating fantasy game” inspired by the all-female idol group AKB48. The second game will have a new story, but like the first game, AKB 1/48 Idol to Koi Shitara… (AKB 1/48 If I Were to Love an Idol…), the player can choose one of the AKB48 members after each one confesses her love.

The new game will feature 48 members of the group’s Teams A, K, and B (as of June 20) in swimsuit footage shot on location in Guam. The game will ship on October 6 in three different versions:

  • a 5,229-yen (about US$64.75) standard edition with just the game itself and one idol photograph
  • a 7,329-yen (US$90.75) limited-time-only pressing with the game, a two-hour UMD of exclusive footage. and three photographs
  • a 13,629-yen (US$168.75) “Auction ni wa Dasanaide Kudasai! (Please Don’t Auction This!) Box with the game, the UMD, 10 photographs, four making-of fashion collection DVDs, a Team 4 Special DVD, 48 rectangular posters, 48 cards with download codes for custom PSP themes, a Blu-ray Disc with HD-quality footage of all the love confessions from the first game, and a special box.

Source: 4Gamer via Hachima Kik?

Article source: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2011-06-27/akb48-female-idol-group-gets-2nd-psp-dating-game

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