Abunai Koi no Flight iPhone Love Game App Offered

The software company GignoSystem Japan began offering a free prologue of the love simulation game Abunai Koi no Flight (Dangerous Love Flight) on the iTunes App Store on October 8. The prologue offers users the opportunity to purchase 12 characters throughout the story in order to complete their journey.

The game’s story follows a young woman working as a second-year flight attendant on a Gokujo Airlines international trip. Most of the flight’s crew are attractive young men wearing the airline company’s serious-looking uniforms. Players face many temptations as they interact with the plane’s passengers and crew. “Tremendously hot characters” include the cute collegue Yuki Ogawa, the hot boss Naoki Jyogasaki, the quiet and cool collegue Tatsunari Mita, the childhood friend Kazusi Takanashi, and prince charming Rei Nakaura.

Provided under the name “flight_first”, GignoSystem Japan is offering the game for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad on both the American and Japanese iTunes Stores. The original “deluxe” version of the love simulation game was released on September 20 for 800 yen (about US$10) in the Japanese iTunes Store and US$8.99 in the American iTunes Store. The application’s iTunes Preview page notes that it is cheaper to buy the deluxe version of the game than to purchase all the characters individually during gameplay with the prologue.

GignoSystem Japan also began offering a similar love simulation application titled Sengoku, which takes place during Japan’s warring states period, on May 24 in the iTunes Store.

[Via Fujyoshi News]

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