About The White Koi; Explaining Koi Colors & Varieties, Part 1!

If you have or want a Koi pond, one of the most beautiful Koi is the White Koi or also known as the Platinum Ogon and it is now a standard in most Koi ponds, worldwide! One reason for their popularity is that they grow extremely fast and because they`re white, they are very easy to see in the water and stand out alongside all the other colors of Koi varieties. Their colors range from red, black, blue, green, white and yellow.

To appreciate the different varieties of Koi Fish, you should understand all of the various classifications that each group falls into. Each class has standards to ascertain which group they belong to, but in general, each group has a certain level of acceptable diversity.

As for  the White Koi, it first appeared in 1963, more than likely from cross breeding Kigoi (lemon non-metallic) with the grayish-silver (metallic) Nezu Ogon. It is very interesting to note when learning about Koi varieties, a specific point of differentiation, every Koi variety has a Doitsu ( scale-less) version and a Gin Rin ( sparkly) scaled version.

Pretty much all Platinum Ogon are bred with the Gin Rin scales to make them look shinier. These scales have a pigmented reflective sheen that produces a glimmering effect, like that of cut diamonds. To be a Gin Rin, the Koi must have at least 20 scales, which is the acceptable minimum requirement.  as per  http://katenakamura.articlealley.com

Ogon means the Koi is one solid color and though other colors include orange, red, platinum and cream, the two most popular colors are the Platinum Ogon ( white) and the Yamabuki Ogon ( yellow). The desirable trait of the Ogon are the sizable fins because they offset the single color body. The color should be consistent all over the body of the Koi.

It should also be noted that the majority of the fish`s pigment is on the top section of the fish and the light is able to reflect off their backs, thus highlighting their beautiful, bright color. For this reason, they are best viewed from above. For more info, you can visit: www.koifishfansite.com/white-koi/

220px Six koi1 About The White Koi; Explaining Koi Colors  Varieties, Part 1!

Image source  en.wikipedia.org  used with permission

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