About The Healthy Bacteria In Your Koi Pond

Bacteria exists in almost every ecosystem. They perform many jobs in bringing life on this earth. Some of these organisms multiply very fast and work to start breaking down materials that are a source of energy. There is good bacteria that does things like make antibiotics and breaking down waste while the bad bacteria wreaks havoc on living organisms and invades them to cause deadly diseases like Anthrax and Tuberculosis.

There is a certain bacteria that is very beneficial to ponds, but that cause illnesses like Septicemia, Fin Rot and Ulcers in humans. Present in the pond`s filters, this bacteria works to keep the water quality in top condition. These beneficial bacteria organize the nitrogen cycle in the pond, which makes the amount of ammonia a lot less as it breaks the excess ammonia down into nitrite and then into nitrate.

This good bacteria is very beneficial and has positive effects on the whole life cycle of the pond. Most pond owners use bio-filters in their ponds, but are not sure what the ‘bio’ stands for. It simply means ‘bacteria’ because the biological process of water filtration in a pond is caused by the beneficial bacteria being present.  as per  www.articlalley.com

When you set up a bio-filter for your pond, you are setting up a suitable place for the beneficial bacteria to breed. It processes the waste from the fish, rotting aquatic plants, uneaten food and dead insects.

Where there is good bacteria, there is also bad bacteria and these harmful organisms have a very bad, offensive smell. If you have too many fish in your pond or are not keeping the pond up like you should to keep it in top shape, the bad bacteria will overtake the good bacteria and the whole ecosystem will become unbalanced. Once this happens, the oxygen level in the water starts to decline and this can be the death of your fish.

You can purchase beneficial bacteria at most fish/pond stores. One such online store is: www.hydra-aqua.us and comes in liquid or powder form, for example, Bio Aquatic Bacteria Boost, 16 oz., is $29.95 and for an eleven pound tub is $164.95.

about the healthy bacteria in your koi pond About The Healthy Bacteria In Your Koi Pond

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