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This company is dedicated to providing the best Koi from top breeders, all at wholesale prices. They evaluate the Koi`s quality at the beginning stages of the Koi`s life so they can hand-pick the best, most beautiful fish for their customers. These top quality breeders raise these fish with the very highest standard of care possible.

So here`s a little information about the striking Koi; the Japanese ornamental fish began about 200 years ago. This centuries old method of processing the common carp fish would sometimes result in the red and blue mutations, but in the 1870`s and through careful breeding in Japan, the white and red variety is what became known as the ‘Nishikigoi’ or ‘Koi’ and in Japan, the word means ‘Living Jewel’.

This company only sells the Koi fish and nothing else! They guarantee live arrival of the Koi and they make very sure that all their fish leave their facility free of parasites, viral and bacterial infections and they quarantine each shipment for a thorough inspection. Because the issue of SVC and KHV is very important to this company, they will only take fish from the very cleanest of zones.

For some beautiful fish you can buy the variety, Kohaku, a 2-year old female, around 15 inches long, for $1,015, the Doitsu Sanke, a 2-year old female, around 12 inches long, for $600, a Tancho Kohaku, a 3-year old female, around 17 inches long, for $595 or a Kohaku, 2-year old female, around 14 inches long, for $850.

They also have the very beautiful Ginrin Sanke, a 3-year old female, around 21 inches long, for $2,200 and the Asagi Butterfly, a 2-year old female, around 12 inches long, for $500. All fish are hand-picked and quarantined upon arrival to ensure their customers are purchasing the healthiest fish possible!  For more info, you can visit: www.akoipond.com  or call  1-650-618-9888.

is the unique koi for your pond Kohaku1 A Superb Koi Fish Store; Akoipond.Com

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