House Hunt: $2M Luxury Home

Homes for sale in the current market may face many of the same the same issues in getting that elusive “SOLD” sign posted, but the prices of these homes vary wildly. What do the most expensive homes look like? What do the least expensive ones offer? House Hunt researched the National Association of Realtors’ official website to provide the answers.

From the two-bedroom cottage on Mary Street in Cartersville for $18,000 to the six-bedroom estate on Spreading Oaks Drive in Acworth for $2,950,000, the only missing link is the right buyer.

Whether you are an investor looking for inexpensive properties to snap up or seeking to buy “up” a home that in a normal market would have been out of your income range, “extreme home buying” is the newest real estate trend.

Click through the image gallery to preview the featured homes. Descriptions, prices and need-to-know information are listed with each photograph. All featured homes require an appointment to view.

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