Bites Nearby: Sushi Koi

An Indian restaurant is about to open next door, a Chinese eatery is nearby on the other side, and there are at least 14 places in Forest Hills that offer similar Japanese dishes. No wonder Sushi Koi is cranking out the specials.

Not just lunch specials, of course. The Queens Boulevard establishment has slashed prices on many items, initiated an all-you-can-eat-dinner-for-$19.95 deal and began charging $1 for any piece of sushi (great variety includes salmon, tako su, pepper tuna sashimi).

Very good for consumers, especially considering that the sushi is fresh and delicious and the other standards — teriyaki, tempura, sashimi — are pretty good, too. So choose your bargain, and expect to fill your belly with food and drink for around $15.

First the midday bargains. The Lunch Combo Box goes for $7.95 right now, and the options include beef, chicken, shrimp and salmon teriyaki, as well as kalbi, bugogi and assorted tempura.

The regular Lunch Special has assorted vegetable teriyaki at the cheapest end for $6.50. The most expensive dish features 12 pieces of sashimi for $12. Consider the following at the $7.95 price point: chicken teriyaki, assorted tempura, chicken katsu, tonkatsu, beef teriyaki, beef negimaki, shrimp teriyaki, salmon teriyaki and koi fried rice.

At night, the Kitchen Dinner Box — six pieces of California roll, shumai, shrimp and vegetable tempura with salad, white rice and miso soup — costs $15.95 with five teriyaki choices, kalbi, bulgoki, chicken or pork katsu, sushi and sashimi on the menu.

The Hibachi Box ranges from chicken ($8 for lunch, $13.50 for dinner) to salmon ($9 for lunch, $15.50 for dinner) and includes soup, salad or soda and rice. For dinner only, patrons can order shrimp and steak for $19.50 and seafood for $20.

The other special offering is the Donburi menu. The Oyako Don, sliced chicken with egg and vegetables over rice, has a $7.50 price tag for lunch, rising to $11 for dinner. The Katsu Don, pork cutlet with egg and onion over rice, and the Yakitori Don, marinated chicken on a skewer of rice, mirror the Oyako Don’s prices. Other options are the Ten Don ($8.50 and $11), shrimp and vegetable tempura over rice, and Suki Don ($8.50 and $12), beef and vegetables with sukiyaki over rice.

Under the no-frills “entree”section, turf lovers might like the Beef Negamaki ($13.95, top prime beef rolled with scallion and charcoal broiled teriyaki sauce), Steamed Broccoli ($8.75) or Tofu Teriyaki ($9.75). Chicken entrees include Teriyaki ($10.75), Katsu ($9.25, fried), Tempura ($11.75) and Ginger ($12.75). For the seafood enthusiasts, there is Scallop Teriyaki ($13.95) and a Sea Bass Teriyaki ($14.75).

The seating arrangements and ambiance are standard for a Japanese restaurant. Diners can sit on wooden benches with cushions and pillows. Chopsticks are on the table, while forks are provided upon request. The chinaware is attractive. The tea mug is adorned with calligraphy, and the soy sauce dispenser is actually earthenware.

Address: 116-37 Queens Blvd.

Phone: 718-261-8932.

Hours: Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.; Saturday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.; and Sunday, noon to 11 p.m.

Specials: Free delivery with a minimum order of $10; catering available.

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