After ‘Krrish’, is it ‘Krrish 2? or ‘Krrish 3??

After ‘Krrish’, is it ‘Krrish 2? or ‘Krrish 3??

Priyanka Chopra tried to clarify, but we are still puzzled. Have the Roshans forgotten how to count? Or is this a devilish plan to bring in the audience…

Ever since the Roshans – Hrithik and papa Rakesh – announced the sequel to Krissh, there has been much speculation about the film’s title. The natural assumption was that the Roshans will follow their usual procedure and name it Krissh 2. But hey, hold on! Krissh itself was a sequel to Koi… Mil Gaya. So Krissh’s sequel is the third film in the series. So how can it be Krissh 2? Shouldn’t it be Krissh 3? That’s how Priyanka Chopra explains it. Priyanka is playing the female lead in…err… the film (for want of calling it anything else). In response to a fan asking her to clarify the confusion, she tweeted, ‘Krrish 3 as this is a trilogy. Koi mil gaya..krrish.. Then..krrish 3’. Piggy dear, we are still confused. How can there be a Krissh 3 when there is no Krissh 2? If we accept the trilogy theory, shouldn’t it be Koi… Mil Gaya 3? But then, where was Koi…Mil Gaya 2? Krissh 2…oops, Krissh 3…or whatever, is a sequel to Krissh and not to KMG, so why can’t it be Krissh 2? We wonder if even another superlative performance by Hrithik Roshan can ever convince the paying public about the correctness of the title that the Roshans have picked…or are picking? (Should pick? Will pick? Whatever!) Maybe they should just go back in time and call Krissh, Koi… Mil Gaya 2. Or better yet, come up with something more innovative for the latest film than Krissh 2… we mean… Krissh 3. Do we need a new superhero to save us from this one? Hello, is Krissh…however many…out there?

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