If You`re Looking For Show Quality Koi, Find Them At; Jnfkoifarms.Com; Many …

They have lots of Koi to choose from at: http://jnfkoifarms.com For their Decorative Grade Koi Butterfly Koi, 4 to 6 inches is 3 for $50.00 or $20.00 each, up to 16 to 18 inches, 3 for $440.00 or $175.00 each. This grade is for people who just want some beautifully colored fish for their pond.

Next is their Select Grade Koi Butterfly Koi, 3 to 4 inches, 3 for $ 55.00 or $22.00 each up to 14 to 16 inches, for 3 it`s $575.00 or $225.00 each. Most people choose these for their backyard pond because there is far greater increase in quality than in price with this grade.

Next is the Import Quality Grade Koi Butterfly Koi, for a 4 to 6 inch, it`s $150.00 for 3 or $59.00 each up to 12 to 14 inches, for 3 it`s $750.00 or $300.00 each. They also have Individually Priced High Quality Koi Butterfly Koi, though you will need to inquire about these fish.

They also carry Koi medications, such as Dimilin 25w/38 grams, for $35.99 and this product is “the best treatment by far for fish lice and anchor worms.” Usually, a one week treatment will work, but for heavy infestations, you may have to do a two week treatment. You MUST know exactly how many gallons you are treating or you can KILL your fish with an overdose! Likewise, if you don`t put enough medicine in the pond, it will not effectively kill the parasites.

They have ProForm C, Gallon size, for $69.99 and it is extremely effective in killing protozoan parasites, such as Trichodina, Costia, Ich and Chillodonella. One quart treats 3,200 gallons, three times. There is Praziquantel, 20 grams, for $29.99 and it is very effective and extremely safe against flukes. 20 grams will treat 2,000 gallons.

You will also need a pond treatment, such as Ultimate, Gallon size, for $46.95 and it is for: removing detoxifying chlorine, ammonia, copper heavy metals, chloramines and boosts alkalinity. Don`t forget your Pond Netting, a 7 ft. x 10 ft. is $9.99, up to a 28 ft. x 45 ft., for $55.99.  It`s great for keeping  out debris in the fall as well as predator and storm protection.

They have food for your Koi as well, like Koi Goldfish Color Enhancing Pellet, 5 lbs., for $29.99 and it is a complete and balanced food with a 30% protein level, plus high quality color enhancing ingredients. They have lots of other Koi supplies as well as Koi for sale, so check them out at: http://jnfkoifarms.com

220px Koi4 If You`re Looking For Show Quality Koi, Find Them At; Jnfkoifarms.Com; Many Varities!

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