Do You Want To Breed Your Koi Fish? How To Care For Your Baby Koi, Part 1!

If you have a Koi pond and have decided to breed them, the first thing you will need to do is get a spawning tank. It is much better to use a spawning tank instead of letting it occur naturally in the pond because to start with, you can keep the tank extremely clean, whereas the pond may not be.

It definitely depends on how big of a tank you are going to use as to how many Koi you can put in it, but for beginners, it is advised to put 3 or 4 Koi in the tank. All of this will help ensure you have healthy baby Koi to add to your pond! Be very aware that the spawning tank must have very clean water. It should also be warm, to be the right environment conducive for the eggs to fertilize.

You must have a good quality filtration system, to help keep the tank in top condition. Put some spawning ropes or brushes in the spawning  tank, so the eggs can stick to them and this will  also make it easy to move them into another tank, if need be.

You should start between April and July as this is the best spawning time. You need to choose males that are not more than 2 or 3 years old and choose females that are from 3 to 5 years old. Using any younger or older Koi for breeding will most likely result in an inferior quality Koi.

Once the spawning process has been completed, put the adults back into the pond, or first you can put them in a recuperating tank, for a while. One reason for this is that Koi are well-known for eating their young, so you must NOT leave the spawning tank unattended for very long.

In about a week, the eggs will hatch, though this depends on the temperature of the water. The eggs could hatch in 4 days, if the water is a little warmer.  as per

There are thousands of eggs produced during just one spawning, though only a fraction will survive to make baby Koi. For more into, you can visit:

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