Michigan DNR: Thousands Of Fish Died From Herpesvirus

Carp Found Dead In Silver Lake

DETROIT — The Michigan Department of Natural Resources said Thursday that a herpesvirus is to blame for thousands of dead fish that were found in Oceana County’s Silver Lake.

The DNR said Koi herpesvirus (KHV) killed between 2,000 and 4,000 adult common carp in August. Other fish species were found to be in healthy and unaffected.

KHV affects common carp, goldfish, and Koi and is specific to those fish species. KHV is not likely to affect native minnow species and there are no human health effects.

Earlier this year, KHV was confirmed during another fish kill on Kent Lake in Oakland and Washtenaw counties. KHV had not been previously found in wild fish samples in Michigan until this year, but was detected in a private Koi pond near Grand Rapids in 2003.

KHV disease is found worldwide and likely was introduced to Michigan waters from the release or escape of infected ornamental fish. It is transmitted fish to fish and usually only causes disease outbreaks at temperatures above 60o F. KHV can live for short periods outside of fish in water or bottom sediments. Disease signs include bloody patches on the fish’s sides, lethargic swimming on the surface, sunken eyes, and deteriorating gills. Infected fish may survive the disease and become carriers of the pathogen for other fish.

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