Koi Art Gallery


43/12 Sukhumvit Soi 31

Until Oct 31
Call 02-662-3218

Monster Parade, a painting exhibition by Tossapol Khemawatthanakul, takes you to the land of his dreams where he can escape from the pressure and suffering of reality and be with his friendly white creatures, the medium of his imagination.

His art works are a tool he has used to get away from the tedious schedule and demands of working life. The uncanny white monsters have broad happy smiles with which they communicate their feeling of happiness and carefree ways. They live in a dreamland Tossapol has always yearned for, the only place he can let go of himself, enjoy limitless freedom and be happy without a care for hurt and suffering of the real world.

100 Tonson Gallery

Soi Tonson,
Phloenchit Road
Thur-Sun, 11am-7pm
Tomorrow-Dec 11
Call 081-910-9440

The gallery is home to Village and Elsewhere, a solo video and photography exhibition by from distinguished female artist Araya Rasdjarmarearnsook.

Inspired by the “Two Planets Series” — her previous work in 2008 — this one combines conversation and creates messages between masterpiece paintings by Van Gogh, Manet, Millet and Renior and Chiang Mai’s local scenes. It tells us about the co-relationship between one place and another through the context of modern art.

H Project Space

H Gallery, Sathorn 12 Road
Wed-Mon, 10am-6pm
Sunday, Oct 16- Nov 16
Call 08-1310-4428

Twist is the third installation for a space that has been  described as the most beautiful room in Bangkok.

For Twist, artist Jedsada was inspired by the lattice feature that functions as a natural air vent for the room. Jedsada considered its proximity to the ceiling and consequently noticed the typically unnoticed traces of spiders and their webs. Seeing a correspondence between these forms and the diagonal, diamond shapes of the lattice, he has created complex structures that are integrated with the architecture while seemingly trying to break free.


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