Do You Have A Kohaku Koi? About This Interesting Fish, Part 2!

One of the most essential elements on all Kohaku is the ‘hi’ or red markings on the head. Kohaku that are the most valued should NOT have any red on their fins, below the eyes or in and around the mouth, BUT ‘Kuchibeni’ (red around the mouth like lipstick) and ‘Menkaburi’ (red hood covering all of the eyes and mouth) markings are  still accepted.

The ‘Kutsubera’ ( U-shape just above the eyes) markings are thought to be exceptional. There are other ‘hi’ patterns as well, such as ‘Maruten’ (red blotch on top of the head) and ‘Tancho” ( a single red blotch on the center of a Kahaku`s white head). The rounder this mark is, the better, as it would resemble the sun on the Japanese flag!  These Tancho Koi are judged technically in a separate class. Be aware that the ‘hi’ markings must wrap all the way around the fish`s body and it is preferred to be around the lateral lines, from gills to tail.

There is the ‘Odome’ (tail stop) and this is the white barrier between ‘hi’ on the tail and the ‘hi’ on the main body of  the Kohaku is a marker for balance with the fish`s white nose. For you to have an ideal Kohaku, the white should be as pristine as snow, with no yellowing what so ever, as it should have a striking contrast against the deep red markings of ‘hi’.  as per

Although there are dozens of Koi types, the Kohaku is among one of the four most popular types. The ‘hi’ coloration can be anywhere from an orange to a crimson red. In Koi competitions, the Kohaku that have the reddest color, that of which is the red of the sun, plus the roundness of the spot, is like that which appears on the Japanese flag, are the most prized, above ALL others!

The three other types are ; the Butterfly Koi, which is not favored in formal Koi breeding associations because of the long-flowing fins they have,  and the Asagi Koi, which has bluish to light blue scales on the upper part of the body and red markings on the belly rising as high as the mid-lateral section. The distinguishing feature is the netted pattern formed by their blue scales.

The Bekko Koi is the last most popular type and it is a Koi type that has sub-variations within its own classification. The main characteristic is that it has black markings over a solid background body coloration. For example, an Aka Bekko is red with a black pattern, a Ki Bekko is yellow with a black pattern and a Shiro Bekko is white with a black pattern. For more info, you can visit:

220px Kohaku Do You Have A Kohaku Koi? About This Interesting Fish, Part 2!

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