Still fishing for a buyer at Bringelly koi farm

THE future of the largest koi fish farm in the southern hemisphere at Bringelly is still uncertain more than a year after it was first listed for sale.

Owners Hans and Dell Boehner are in direct negotiations with several buyers for the farm, which Mr Boehner has been operating for 35 years.

The couple first listed the property for sale with an agent last July but Mrs Boehner said they withdrew it from the market after poor demand.

She said the couple were asking for “no less than $2 million” for the 2ha property as well as the house and fish farm infrastructure including 21 ponds. “I think the property has not yet sold because of the economic conditions at the moment, $2 million is a lot of money,” Mrs Boehner said.

She said her husband established the koi farm after first breeding the fish as a hobby.

The couple are selling the koi farm to retire.

Mrs Boehner said potential buyers had expressed an interest in taking over the farm as a going concern. “We will train them and stay on here once it has sold to assist them,” she said. Mrs Boehner said the koi farm was a rare business opportunity with koi sold to wholesalers and direct to individual buyers.

“It is largely seasonal, it is more busy in summer than winter because people are outdoors more in summer and wanting to purchase koi for their ponds.”

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