Find All Your Koi Pond Supplies At; Thepondshop.Com

You can find everything your pond needs at:  They have the Three-Leg Windmill Aerator, for $1,675.00 or the Four-Leg Windmill Aerator, for, $1,775.00. They offer the 1/2 HP Aquamaster Master Series Fountain, for $1,865.00 or for some other aerators, they have the Vertex Air 1(TM) Plus XL2, for $1,720.00, the Vertex Air 3(TM) XL5, for $3,895.00 or the Vertex Air 7(TM) XL2, for $4,550.00, just to name a few.

For muck control, they have Cygnet Mukk Buster, for $130.00, L.S.C. Muck Reducer Water Clarifier, for $200.00 or Phoslcear Buffered Alum Phosphate, for $115.00. They offer the 1/2 HP 115V Deicer/Water Agitator, for $641.50 or the 1 HP, 230V, Deicer/Water Agitator, for $1,079.99. All Kasco Marine Products are 100% made in the U.S.A.

For some algae and weed control, they offer Copper Sulfate, for $19.00, Crystal Blue Dye, for $29.00, Weedtrine-D, for $71.50 or Green Clean Algaecide, for $95.50. You can even get the book, Water Weeds Algae, for $10.00.

For pond maintenance, you can purchase the Hand Spreader, for $19.50, the Portable 2 gallon Pump Sprayer, for $51.50, the Lake Rake, for $98.50 or the A.W.E. Aquatic Weed Eradicator, for $98.50.  They have Aerator parts and accessories, such as the 30 PSI Pressure Relief Pop-Off Valve, for $8.70, the Aeration Tubing Connector Set, for $3.50, the 290 CFM Cooling Fan, for $83.00 or the 1/2 HP Compressor Rebuild Kit (dual head piston 230V) for $95.00, just to name a few.

For surface aerators, they have the 1 HP 115V Kasco Surface Aerator (for up to a 1 surface acre pond), for $1,269.99, the 1/2 HP Kasco Surface Aerator ( for up to 1/2 surface acre pond), for $784.99.

For safety equipment, they offer the 24 inch Life Ring, for $73.50, the 30 inch Life Ring, for $96.50 or the Life Line Rescue Station, for $195.00.  They have lots of other products, so give them a look-see at:

240px Goldfish2.cropped Find All Your Koi Pond Supplies At; Thepondshop.Com

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