Everything Your Koi Pond Needs At Keystonehatcheries.Com

This company offers a wide range of services from Koi/pond products, which are shipped  all over the country  to stocking your fishing pond, if you live in Wisconsin Illinois, with Bass, Crappie and/or Catfish.

For some Koi food, they offer Large Hikari Staple, 4.4 lb., for $29.00, Medium Hikari Excel, 17.6 oz., for $17.00 or 10 lbs. 1/4? Keystone Koi Pellets, for $38.00, for a few choices. They have Goldlfish food such as Tetra Flaked Fish Food, 1 L. can, for $7.00 or a 10 L. Bucket, for $49.00.They also have Tetra Multi-Mix Gold, 1 L. can, for $9.00.

For some pond equipment, they have the Kasco De-Icer, 1 HP, for $689.00, the Deluxe Koi Pond  Aerator  System, 1,500 to 3,500 gallons, for $346.50 and the Kasco Surface Aerator, 115V 3/4 HP, for $793.00.

They carry the 4? Heavy Duty Bottom Drain, for $129.00, the Solar LED Light, High Intensity, w/ Solar Panel, 20 ft. cord, for $169.00 and the Goulds Water Pump, 1 HP, 12,6000 GPH, for $1,509.00, just to name a few. You can also buy a 16 ft. Windmill Aerator, for $1,329.00, a Small Pond Kit, 8 x 11, for $1,199.00 or a Large Pond Kit, 34 x 34, for $4,634.00.

For some Waterfall BioFilter they have the AquaFalls, Small, for $390.00 or Large AquaFalls with Matala Pads, for $964.00.  They carry Algaecides such as Algaefix, 1 gallon, for $86.00, GreenClean Algaecide, 2 lbs., for $27.00 or Microbe-Lift Algaway 60, 1 gallon, for $159.00, just to name a few. They have Surfactants like Cygnet Plus, 1 gallon, for $37.00. This product is used to enhance the effectiveness of many aquatic chemicals by breaking down the waxy cuticle on the plant leaves, therefore sticking the chemical to the plant.

They also have All Season Pond Bacteria, 1 gallon, for $59.00, Aqua Pro Emergent Weed Control, 2.5 gallons, for $189.00 and pond dyes like Aquashade, 1 gallon, for $60.00.

You can even purchase a Medium Pond Island, which is an 8 ft. square island that provides Biological Filtration, for ponds up to 2,500 gallons, for $199.00. They have tons of products to choose from, so give them a look-see at: http://keystonehatcheries.com

300px Brainfish Everything Your Koi Pond Needs At Keystonehatcheries.Com

Image source  en.wikipedia.org  used with permission

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