1595 illegal immigrants, 37 employers arrested under 6P

PUTRAJAYA: A total of 1,595 illegal immigrants and 37 employers have been arrested by the Immigration Department in connection with the 6P programme as of today.

The ministry’s secretary-general, Tan Sri Mahmood Adam, said in a statement today that the illegal immigrants and employers were arrested during 539 enforcement operations that began on Oct 20.

“The number of those arrested are among the 12,287 illegal immigrants and 39 employers who were checked during the operations,” he said.

Mahmood said, 41,278 illegal immigrants granted amnesty under 6P programme had left the country.

“The country that recorded the highest number of illegal immigrants leaving the country under the amnesty is Indonesia with 26,115, followed by India (3,456), Myanmar (2,008) and Nepal (2,140),” Mahmood said.

The others included people from Cambodia with 1,361, the Philippines (963), Bangladesh (1,691), Vietnam (1,199), Sri Lanka (687), Pakistan (901) and China (432).

Mahmood said 67,665 illegal immigrants from 6,001 employers had been legalised under the 6P programme since the process began on Oct 10.

Indonesia topped the number with 42,544, followed by Bangladesh (13,838); Myanmar (6,527); Nepal (2,107); India (903); Vietnam (612) Cambodia (447) Pakistan (362 ) Philippines (126) Sri Lanka (112) and Thailand (87).

“Also, employers who have previously registered their workers under the programme but has yet to apply for the legalisation exercise should do so before its deadline on Jan 10,” Mahmood said.

Article source: http://www.nst.com.my/latest/1-595-illegal-immigrants-37-employers-arrested-under-6p-1.13560

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